"It was amazing! Each card was spot on, and the behaviour advice was just fantastic. Thank you so much for the reading." 

For Skype readings - £30 for a 30 minute session
For Phone readings - £30 for 30 minute session

To Book A Reading Please Email: Bookings@thepetreader.com

Deborah L. Macleod, Toronto

What Is Your Pet Really Thinking?

S. Shand, Newmarket

“When I sit down with a client, I want them
to have a positive experience, but I also
want to show them that they can live in
harmony with their four-legged friends.
When you discover your pets’ inner nature, you can begin to relate to them on their level, and this will only strengthen the bond between you.” 

No mumbo-jumbo or black magic, just a pet
owner discovering a new way to connect with
Fluffy or Fido. Maybe even learning what it is
that the cat keeps staring at, or what the dog
keeps dreaming about. A pet reading is a fun and
“pawsitive” experience for both owner and pet!

Payments are made through PayPal prior to the reading


"Thank you for helping us finally understand Dakota and some of her funny quirks."

"James did a tarot reading for my little Yorkie Riley, over the phone. Every card he drew described Riley bang on. I was so impressed, since he only has seen Riley through a photo. I would highly recommend James to anyone interested in getting to know their pets more.
Thanks again James, as not only was it interesting, but also confirmed the characteristics that Riley had." 

Robert  Simpson, Toronto

"More of an eye-opening experience than I expected. I have a young golden whom you described exactly!"

All readings are confidential and done in a serene location 
All readings may be recorded by you for future reference

James is a certified tarot reader
with over 35 years of experience
and is a life-long animal advocate
and pet owner himself. He has the
innate ability to make animal friends
quickly, and it is this empathy and
compassion for animals that allows
James to extract wonderful discoveries
about pets and their owners using the tarot.

Psychologists say that one of the strongest
emotional bonds a human will ever form is with their pet, and it is that powerful,
emotional connection that allows the Tarot to
work so well when used for pets and their owners.

Readings available for ALL pets, Passed, Present or Lost!

In 1987, James began studying animal
behaviour and has earned a certificate
  in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from
The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
 “I believe it is possible to have a deep emotional and spiritual connection to an animal,” James says.

"Explained my cats' behaviour and offered advice on how to correct it. The advice worked! Very impressive stuff, Mr. Pet Reader."

Trudy McDonald, Peterborough

Colleen Gray, Pefferlaw